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4000MAh 6s 35c 22.2v PREDATOR BRAND LiPo Battery

List Price: $86.00
4000MAh 6s 35c 22.2v PREDATOR BRAND LiPo Battery

“Predator”, the new line of Lithium Polymer batteries from FMS, are manufactured with the complex LiCo Nano technology substrate. This process greatly improves the power transfer by making the oxidation/reduction more efficient. What this means is the electrons can pass more freely, less voltage sag with a higher discharge rate than a similar density lithium polymer (non nano-tech) battery.

For pilots it means stronger throttle response and more power for unlimited climb power.

Order yours today and give it a try, we are sure it will exceed your expectations.


Manufacturer Predator
Capacity 4000mAh
Voltage 22.2
Discharge 35C
Weight (Including wire, plug & shrink wrap) 615±10g
Dimensions 52.5*43.5*139mm
Balance Plug JST-XH
Discharge Plug T Connector (Deans plug)
Config (S) 6S
Max Charge Rate (C) 5C
Length-A (mm) 139
Height-B (mm) 52.5
Width-C (mm) 43.5
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Price: $76.99