Avios Hawker Sea Fury Warbird EPO 1200mm PNP

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We added this Avios Hawker Sea Fury to our hangar because she is so well made and perfectly detailed and she flies like a dream. You'll want to add her too! As always Steve did his reinforcement modifications on this cutie.  He replaced a lot of heavy nose weights with dual-function reinforcement weight. Watch the video below and find out more. 

You'll love her ultra cool 2-part sequenced retracts, functional split flaps, LED lights, scale 5-blade propeller (thank you Tom Hunt) as well as a scale 4-blade prop option.  Have some scale fun with the wing mounted rockets and realistic remotely activated drop tanks!

Plane is delivered with all of the electronics pre-installed. Just add a battery, radio and receiver.

Check out the video to see how she flies!




• Plug and Fly - Install receiver, complete final assembly charge batteries and fly

• Fully molded EPO airframe

• Magnetic actuated drop tanks

• Working retractable landing gear with sequenced gear doors

• Scale 4 and 5-blade propeller and spinner options included in the box

• LED Navigational lights

• No glue required, all bolt together construction

• Modeled after Royal Navy pilot Peter "Hoagy" Carmichael



Length: 1100mm

Weight: 2100g

Servos: 9g servos x 10

Motor: 3648 Brushless Out runner KV600

ESC60amp Brushless Speed Controller 


4S 14.8V 3300~4000mAh 30C LiPo Battery

7 Channel Transmitter and Receiver

Price: $245.00