Dynam Hawker Tempest 1250mm 5 Channel 2.4GHz Warbird w/Retracts/ARF or RTF

List Price: $209.99
Dynam Tempest RC Airplane
Dynam Tempest RC AirplaneDynam Tempest RC AirplaneDynam Tempest RC AirplaneDynam Tempest RC AirplaneDynam Tempest RC AirplaneDynam Tempest RC AirplaneDynam Tempest RC AirplaneDynam Tempest RC Airplane

The Dynam Tempest is here!

Looks great, flies great, even takes off and lands great! I am loving this line of planes, and you can easily see why in the video- smooth response, VERY realistic looking in the sky, powerful and fast, inexpensive to buy and to fly, and the list goes on. If you like a GREAT flying plane, you need one of these. If you're a Tempest lover, now's your time to shine in the sky- everyone at the field is sure to be impressed, maybe even as impressed as I am. So- pick up a Tempest and go hunting- you're now a Jabo!

Of course, you'll want the Crashproofing! This plane's nose is especially succeptible to damage, even from simple nose-overs during landing. Our SUPERMAX Crashproofing kit adds a whopping 600% compression strength to the nose, as well as over 250% more strength throughout the rest of the airframe. Also, you get free templates for a plastic lining in the nose scoop with the SUPERMAX kit- an actual MUST on this plane, if you ask me. All you need is a half gallon HDPE milk bottle and some hot glue, and you're set!



If you check out some of our recent Crashproofing test videos, you'll see that the designs have been upgraded to handle even more stress and still keep your plane in one piece- literally! Here's a Durafly/FMS Corsair in this vid, and it lives through a death dive needing only a prop! You have to see it to believe it!


Wingspan: 1250mm (49-1/4")
Length: 1018mm (40")
Servos: Four 9g servos
ESC: 40A Brushless
Motor: BM3720A-KV500 Brushless Outrunner
Battery: 2200mAh 4s 25c 14.8v Lipo (I fly her with a 3300mAh 4s 30c)



1250mm / 49in


1018mm / 40in

Flying Weight

1500g / 53oz

CG (Center of Gravity) 55 - 60mm from the leading edge at the wing root

Power System

BM3720A-KV600 Brushless Outrunner Motor

Electronic Speed Control

40A Brushless with T connector

Propeller / EDF

3-Blade Prop


4x 9g standard 

Landing Gear Retractable

Required Battery

4S 14.8V 2200mAh 25C LiPo (required)

Required Radio

5 Channel (required)

Ailerons Yes



Rudder Yes





Hinge Type


Material EPO Foam
Skill Level Intermediate
Build Time 2-3 Hours
Recommended Environment Outdoor


Price: $189.00