Dynam Messerschmitt Me 262, RC 6 Channel, 1500mm twin 70mm Ducted Fan Jet / ARF

List Price: $319.99
Dynam Messerschmitt ME-262 "Schwalbe"
Dynam Messerschmitt ME-262 "Schwalbe"Dynam Messerschmitt ME-262 "Schwalbe"Dynam Messerschmitt ME-262 "Schwalbe"Dynam Messerschmitt ME-262 "Schwalbe"Dynam Messerschmitt ME-262 "Schwalbe"Dynam Messerschmitt ME-262 "Schwalbe"Dynam Messerschmitt ME-262 "Schwalbe"Dynam Messerschmitt ME-262 "Schwalbe"

Dynam Messerschmitt Me 262 is here! We've all been waiting for a nice foam rendition of the world's first operational jet fighter, and this one does NOT disappoint! 1500mm wingspan, twin 70mm EDFs, twin 60A ESCs, the works! This plane develops 2400g of thrust on a 4000mAh 4s 30c battery, and about 2700g on a 5 cell- power to spare! One thing you should know- when running this plane flat out, the battery leads get HOT (that's right- the wires!) We installed ram air scoops on ours to cool down the ESC space, and it helps. There's a Killerplanes video showing how to do that. We've also developed some additional fixes that address this entire problem. Instructions are available only when you purchase the Me 262- you get the links when you purchase the plane.

Once again, our available Killer Planes Crashproofing kit has been custom designed to fit this baby and strengthen it up like only a skeleton can! Let's face it- foam was never better used than in RC planes. BUT- it's foam! Our Crashproofing Kits won't make your plane unbreakable, but it WILL make it MUCH harder to break. The kits for this baby are a bit more, because the 2 motor nacelles add a lot on to the kit. The reinforcement kit for this class of heavy fighters now comes in 3 available levels- regular, Max, and SuperMax.  We install the SuperMax kits on all of our test planes, and add extra weight just for the tests.   Our Crashproofing kit also has another plus- the 4 nose cannons, which Dynam did not include. (NOTE: You'll need to fly the MAX and SUPER MAX versions with a 4000mAh 4s 70c battery minimum. We've got ours set up with a pair of 3000mAh 4s 35c batteries, for the added thrust and flight time, and cooler running- I like to climb at speed!)

One note about the Crashproofing installation for this plane: If you get the kit installed, we leave the nose cone NOT attached when we ship the plane to you, so you can put balance weights inside it. The reason is, the further forward your balance weight is, the less you need. Since we took the nose off to install the kit, leaving it off gives you the perfect opportunity to balance the plane in the best possible way. You cut a hole in the back of the nose, insert your weight, and hotglue the nose back on the plane. You will want to add the weights yourself to compensate for the specific battery you decide to fly with.}

If you like, we'll prep the Me 262 for you to be set up exactly like ours, and you can choose to have us do any or all of the steps from this list by checking the appropriate boxes in the menu named "CUSTOMIZING"  above. If you choose "ALL" there's a 15% discount on the 7 items. But, seriously, we don't recommend spending the dough on customizing unless you're a very good pilot- you wouldn't want to crash that baby!

1-Double batteries and single power source to the receiver, with battery restraints (+$40.00)
2- Install nose weights
3- Reinforced ram air side and bottom vents and exhaust (for electronics)
4- Reinforced Nose gun vents and exhaust (for batteries)
5- Add Flaps
6- Covers for gear and servos on bottom
7- Camoflage Paint Job (+$65.00)

 I didn't plan on stabbing this gorgeous plane in, but...who am I kidding? Check out how AMAZINGLY WELL the Crashproofing works on this baby in this video!

Please note: the Dynam Me 262 ships with the Dynam factory paint job, which was modified by us to look more....realistic. It's not hard to do- just check out our Youtube video "How to Prettify Your Plane" to see how we did it. The PNP version ships with the plane and it's parts. If you need a charger for a 4 to 6 cell battery we have some HERE.

Grab a Dynam Me 262 before they're out of stock again!

TEST FLIGHT NOTES: The Me 262 can be flown on a 4000mah 4s 30c battery- for 3 minutes! After that, some critical parts overheat, including the battery. We've developed a fix, and you can get it done by us by choosing "MAX Crashproofing with vents". We advise running this plane on a single 6 cell HIGH C RATING battery (70c or above), or a PAIR of 4 cell batteries- you can get the details from us when you purchase the plane. Get your Me 262 at Killerplanes and save yourself the headaches!

One last thing- it's a LARGE BOX! The shipping costs a bit more- this box is bigger than 3 Hawksky boxes! Canadian customers: This plane is too large to ship via US Postal Service. You must select UPS for a shipping method during checkout.


Wing span: 1500mm
Total Length: 1284mm
Weight: 2400g (2500g with a 4000mAh 4s battery) / 2950g with MAX Crashproofing installed, including the battery
EDF: 2 x 70mm
Power System:  Dynam KV3500 Brushless Motor
ESC: 2 x 60A Brushless Programmable ESC
Servo: 5 Detrum servos / 9g and 12g
Battery (recommended by Dynam): 4S 14.8V 4000mAh Li-Po Battery
Battery (recommended by Steve) 4000+mAh 5s or 6s, 60c or above,
             or TWIN 3000mAh 4s 30c batteries
Landing Gear: Tricycle Servoless Retracts

Price: $269.00