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Exceed RC 9-CH 90MM F-18 Red Viper Extreme Scale Jet w/Brushless Motor/ESC ARF + 3D Thrust VectorExceed RC 9-CH 90MM F-18 Red Viper Extreme Scale Jet w/Brushless Motor/ESC ARF + 3D Thrust Vector

List Price: $569.20
F-18 Red Viper Out Of Stock
F-18 Red Viper


The Exceed RC F-18 EDF Jet has it all: high-speed flying, real jet style aerobatics, and a 360 Trust Vectoring System for some serious furball aerobatics. On some other sites you'll read that
this baby is made with "high-quality EPO foam which gives it unparalleled durability." When I read stuff like that, it always makes me say "Well....actually..." I'll never recommend that you fly a foam plane without reinforcement, since I don't think the average flyer should- these foam planes were designed to break upon impact, so the manufacturers could get you to spend lots more money on replacement parts. I don't believe in that, and I put my money where my mouth is- after over 200 pretty major crashes with our "nice" reinforced planes, I've needed exactly four foam replacement parts- three cowls and a wing. Want to join our happy family? Now's your chance!

The ARF (almost ready to fly) version includes the basic aircraft with all the working components except the Transmitter/Receiver and battery. You'll also need a charger. If you don't have those things, this is probably not the plane for you! (Not a beginner plane, in other words)


WINGSPAN :1040mm(40.9 inches)
LENGTH :1450mm(57 inches)
WEIGHT : 1850g(65.25 oz)


Key Features:

  • Powerful outrunner brushless motor
  • Excellent flight performance
  • Easy assembly and user friendly
  • High quality EPO foam workmanship
  • Durable, lightweight construction
  • 360 Trust Vectoring

Package Includes:

  • 90mm Ducted Fan
  • Brushless outrunner motor
  • 85A Brushless ESC
  • 11 * 9 gram servos    
  • Decals applied
  • 10A UBEC
  • Electronic Delay system for the landing gear door 
  • 360 degree Vectoring Exhaust system (included, but not installed)  
  • Scale CNC Metal Landing Gear 
  • Electronic Retracts System
  • Type E Canopy (Single Seat)
  • Type F Canopy (Twin Seat)
  • Pilot


Not included:

1. 2.4GHz 6-9 channel radio system   (Not included)                                                 
2. 6s (22.2v) 2500mah-5000mah 30c    (Not included)   
3. 3pcs  9 gram servos with 12" wires to complete the 360 degree vectoring system   (Not included)  
4. 6-9 Ch receiver   (Not included)  

Price: $305.00