FMS 980mm P-40B Warhawk High Speed PNP

List Price: $220.99
FMS 980mm P-40B Warhawk High Speed PNP
FMS 980mm P-40B Warhawk High Speed PNPFMS 980mm P-40B Warhawk High Speed PNPFMS 980mm P-40B Warhawk High Speed PNPFMS 980mm P-40B Warhawk High Speed PNP


FMS does it again with this incredibly fast and agile P-40B Warhawk sporting an accurate WWII color scheme after flying Ace Robert Tharp “RT” Smith of the AVG “Flying Tigers.”

We here at Killer Planes are partial to Flying Tigers since that is our logo mascot, but even so, this warbird is so awesome, you’ll want to add her to your RC hangar.

If you’re a speed demon, like Steve, you’ll love that she can achieve thrust in excess of 100MPH! Wanna go FASTER?  And let’s talk VERTICAL!  ROCKET MAN!

But scale flyers, take heart. The P-40B is also stable and steady at half throttle. She’ll be sure to put a smile on your face and turn your buddies at the field green with envy.

This P-40B sports a 3648 “high speed” 770Kv motor (3536 in the standard speed), 70A ESC, and a three bladed prop. She’s got LED nav lights, 4 metal gear servos and an extra wing spar (2).  We still recommend Killer Planes reinforcement to keep her stiff and crisp in the air (and it gives her a little bounce if she accidentally hits the ground).  She’s speced for a 4cell 2500MAh Lipo, or battery up to extend the fun. Comes with ailerons, elevators, rudder, flaps and retracts!

Check out how she flies. View the video:

And see how her sisters (the 980mm P-47 and the 955mm Ki-61)  fly here:



Wingspan: 980mm/38.6"

Overall Length: 865mm/34"

Flying Weight: +/- 1,200g

Flying Weight with Supermax Crashproofing: +/- 

Motor: Brushless 3648-KV770

ESC: 70A

Servo: 9g digital metal gear x4 / 9g plasticd gear servo x2

Radio: 6 Channel

CG (center of gravity): 50-55 mm (from Leading Edge)

Prop Size: 10" x 8"

Recommended Battery: Li-Po 14.8V 2200mAh 25c



Price: $209.99