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Freewing A-10 Thunderbolt II V1 Jet w/Twin 80mm EDFs- PNP

List Price: $750.00
Freewing A-10 Thunderbolt II V1 Jet w/Twin 80mm EDFs- PNP

Heavy man, heavy!  The MONSTER Freewing A-10 Thunderbolt 80mm Twin EDF!

If you've been longing for an A-10 that actually does justice to the real A-10, look no more- it's here! 

This baby has a wealth of detail, as well as a wealth of power - not to mention the SOUND of power! I couldn't stop laughing (with joy, not from insanity) while I was flying this plane around for the maiden on our YooToob video, and all my happiness was brought about by three things: The handling, the power, and the sound. It actually does a great job of mimicing a jet turbine engine, at almost any speed that you're flying. LOVE it!

And this plane has a wealth of detail that will make your RC plane lovin' head spin, like:

• pocketed control surfaces

• hidden servos

• navigation lights, including strobes and headlight

• removable armament and external fuel tanks

• beautifully made retracts and doors

• great paint job

• multiple decal sets

...and the list goes on!

Of course, as I always say, the nicer a plane is, the more I want to reinforce it. Why? Because I want my nice things to last, and our Killer Planes Reinforcement actually works to make that happen! When you watch our videos, you're seeing the plane flying with the added weight of our SUPERMAX reinforcement installed (and most times I even use a much heavier battery). Our videos are all the reply I need for anyone who complains about adding weight- those, and the fact that we still have nearly every plane we ever reinforced, still on the rack and ready to take off. That includes all the planes you've seen crashing in our videos, like the Dynam Me110 "Messier-schmitt", and many many more (remember,  we DO test crash our reinforced planes all the time!)

So- pick one up today! We offer the Freewing Twin 80mm A-10  with our SUPERMAX reinforcement, either Installed or with "Foam Prep", where we drill all the holes and slip the rods into them, and you glue the rods in (depending on how busy we are, it's sometimes only available with Foam Prep) If you're an A-10 lover, I GUARANTEE you will love this plane!

Now- go ye and Fly It Like You Stole It!

Price: $599.00