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Freewing A-6 Intruder 6-Channel, 80mm EDF Jet PNP

List Price: $475.00
Freewing A-6 Intruder 6-Channel, 80mm EDF Jet PNP
Freewing A-6 Intruder 6-Channel, 80mm EDF Jet PNP

This plane was the REAL star of the movie "Flight of the Intruder" - to get some flesh in the pilot seats, the filmmakers also hired a number of actors who went on to become big stars. like Willem Defoe, Danny Glover, Tom Berenger, and others.  But who cares about them? They're just a bunch of pretty faces. WE WANT PLANES!!

Alright then, we're here to feed your need. If you're ready to go for some of the hard stuff, try this A-6 Intruder. Big, gorgeous, superbly detailed, and powered by a honkin' 80mm multiblade EDF that actually sounds like a turbine at many points in the power curve , a powerful 1750kV motor  (AMA compliant - no flying restrictions) - CAN YOU SAY THRUST?  From the gorgeous cockpit to the beautiful tail, i can really say-

What a face on this baby, with a body and a voice to match! What else is there?  Did your hand go to the "Add to Cart" button yet?  Did I mention screaming fun to take this bomber on a run?  

And- here's the scoop on the reinforcement. There are a growing number of beautiful planes that we sell that I seriously advise reinforcing before flying, and this is one. We do like the fact that the factories put their bucks into beautifully rendered details and a good flying design, but let's face facts - the factories make their real money on sales of replacement parts that are ordered because of crash damage. They don't want the planes to be strong! 

But WE do. To make this plane as strong as it is beautiful, get the SUPERMAX crashproofing - you won't regret it!

The flight video is coming soon- we're a bit behind on the videos!  

NOTE: Steve thinks that Freewing planes are GORGEOUS, but that a number of them are unnecessarily weak in some important structural areas. Although we only offer these with reinforcement anyway, we highly recommend that you reinforce your Freewing planes with the Supermax Kit.



• 12 blade EDF with metal housing

•  Scale details - refueling probe, scale drop tanks, panel lines, USS Forrestal decals  package, 2 pilots and a full instrument panel

• authentic 2-wheel nose gear

• Optional weapons set for increased realism

• 80A ESC with 5A BEC

• Retractable landing gear with metal shock abosorbing struts - mains rotate 90 degrees like original

• Steerable, shock absorbing nose gear

• Fully functional flaps, horizontal stabilizer/elevator

• Nylon hinges

• Recommended battery: 4000mAH 6 cell lipo



Price: $359.00