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NX3 3-Axis Aircraft Gyro

List Price: $49.99
NX3 3-Axis Aircraft Gyro
NX3 3-Axis Aircraft GyroNX3 3-Axis Aircraft GyroNX3 3-Axis Aircraft Gyro



Model types: Single Aileron, Dual Ailerons (Flaperons), Delta-Wing and V-Tail. 

•  Flight modes: 
     a. Standard/Rate Mode: Gyro will make the corrections for stabilization. 

     b. Hold Mode: Gyro will be standing by for calibration. 

     c. Gyro ‘Off’ Mode: Gyro is disengaged and total control is given to the transmitter. 

Gain Control Methods: ‘Master Gain’ for the radio and ‘Independent Axis Gain’ from the Variable resistor on the NX3 board. Gain control options can be configured to a comfortable or more sensitive sense of control depending on your preference.


• Voltage Range:5-6V DC. (Do not use dry cell batteries!) 

• Dimensions:40mm x 25mm. 

• Weight:6.5g.

Package Includes: 

• NX3 3-Axis Gyro 

• NX3 Manual 

• Servo Wire Set (5 pcs) 

• Double-sided Mounting Tape


Price: $29.99