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SkyRC T6755 Balance Charger

List Price: $120.00
T6755 Balance ChargerT6755 Balance ChargerT6755 Balance ChargerT6755 Balance ChargerT6755 Balance Charger

Simple to use AC/DC Input Professional Balance Charger/Discharger with many special features.

• Touch System: 3.2" Touch sensitive color LCD screen.

• Charging status monitor: Check charging capacity, cell voltage, chagrin time, external and internal temperature.

• Dual power Input: Power source can be 11-18V DC input, powered up with 12V car battery or 100-240V AC input

• Internal Independent Lithium Battery Balancer: Balance individual cells battery discharging: Monitors and balances each cell for the battery individually during the discharging process

• Microprocessor controlled/Fast storage Mode lithium battery: "Fast" charge reduces duration of
charging. "Store" can control the final voltage of you battery.

• High-powered and high-performance circuit

• Terminal voltage control: Set the charge/discharge end voltage
Maximum safety protection

• Battery Meter: check Lithium batter's total voltage, highest voltage, lowest set voltage and each cells voltage.


Price: $89.99