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Dynam ESC Program Card

List Price: $9.00
Dynam ESC Program Card

Dynam ESC Program Card is the easy way to set up your brushless Electronic Speed Controller (ESC). It helps give you the option to

  • Brake ON/OFF
  • Cut off type HARD/SLOWDOWN
  • Thottle curve LINEAR/LOGARITH

Dimension:  1.10" x 1.6" x .14" (28x40x3.5mm )
Weight: .138 oz (3.9 g)

Works only with Dynam ESC



To program a Dynam ESC effectively, align the black jumper cables with the desired settings on the program card. Once done, connect the brushless motor to the ESC, and then connect the ESC to the program card on the “ESC” side. Once this is done, simply connect the battery to the ESC and wait for a single beep to emanate from the motor, which will signal that the ESC is properly programmed.

• Brake: Off - when "On," a zero stick value will halt the main rotor and cause damage - more commonly used for fixed wing aircraft. (Brake on: brake is active; Brake off: non active brake)

• Outrunner/Normal: Please select which motor you are using – either outrunner motor, or an inrunner. For Inrunner (2, 4, 6 pole motors) - trimming gives maximum efficiency. Strongly recommended for outrunners.

• Cutoff: “Soft” is suggested for helicopters – slowly lowers rotor r.p.m. when battery voltage drops.(Cut off type hard: motor is fully off immediately after reaching cut off voltage. Cut off type slow down: motor turns off slowly by power reduction) Default Voltage: Cut off is set to 0.9V per cell for NiXX.3.0Vper cell for Li-XX.

• Linear: Sets up a progressive throttle curve that maxes out at full collective/throttle. Half throttle is equal as 60% of maximum RPM (Throttle curve logarithm: half throttle is equal as 80% of maximum RPM.)

• Logarithm: Advances throttle at a faster rate, allowing more r.p.m. at lower stick values - better suited for outrunner motors.

• External 4.6V Power: Only necessary when ESC does not have an internal BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit).

Price: $7.99