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Flap Kit

List Price: $59.00
Flap Kit

Everything you need to create working flaps. The kit includes:

2 Servos
1 Servo Reverser (if your kit doesn't include a reversing servo)
2 Servo Extender wires (if your servos have short wires)
2 Sets of Servo Arms
1 "Y" Adapter Servo Wire
2 5" Control Rods (can cut to fit)
2 Quick Connects
2 Control Horns
Detailed Instructions


You can choose to install the flap kit yourself or have us install it.

Can be used with all of the Dynam planes that are "flap ready", and many others as well, including FMS, HC Hobby, JPower, Starmax,  Parkzone, BlitzRCWorks, and more . (If you've seen our video of flap install on the FMS P-51 and FMS P-40, you've seen us installing this kit in them.)

NOTE: You will get EITHER a positive servo and a reverse servo OR an in-line servo reverser and two positive servos.  The servo colors may not be as shown, either (As a side note, we often simply install flap servos facing the same way, meaning the arms are both facing right  or both facing left. This way both servos operate in the same direction at the same time, and no servo reverser is needed)

It can also be used for nearly any plane, with up to a 1600mm wing span, that's "flap ready" (ones with the flap hinge moulded into the foam), as well as planes that are NOT flap ready- you'll have to cut your own flap hinges and servo pockets on those. Most FMS planes that do not come with working flaps are "flap ready". The exceptions include the FMS Spitfire, which we installed flaps on- and they work really well!

NOTE: You wiill need a 6-channel transmitter and receiver (Tx/Rx) if you're adding flaps to a plane with retracts.

Price: $47.00