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FMS 1400mm T-28 TROJAN V4 6 Channel Fighter Trainer w/Electric Retracts, Nav Lights & Landing Lights, Flaps / PNP / RED

List Price: $429.99


You want the BIG T-28 with the Servoless Retracts with sequential doors that have FULL coverage and steerable nosegear and Landing Lights and binking Nav Lights and flaps and a HONKIN' 3 blade paddle prop and a huge motor and hard plastic nose cowl and motorized cooling vents and stomp-resistant EPO foam (I actually stepped on my wing without damage! Of course, we have SUPERMAX Crashproofing installed in ours...) and a reinforcement kit that makes it TEN times stronger?

You've come to the right place.

FMS does it AGAIN (and again, and again, and...) with the STUPENDOUS T-28 V4. She's a muscular 5 pound plane that can absolutely pull her own weight - straight up! - and handles like Ginger Rogers. You're going to have a BLAST dancing this baby around - she made me hoot and laugh out loud during our "maiden", doing FINE aerobatics and speed runs, just gorgeous!! I actually can't say enough about this plane, so I'm going to stop trying.  I can tell you this much, though- the one in this video is the OLD power setup (50A ESC and smaller motor), and, as you can see, it kicks BUTT. Check it out!!

New stuff in the V4:

• Metal oleo struts with shock absorbers

• Pocket mounted servos installed with screws

• Bigger 4258-650KV motor for more kick!

• Ball link connectors for positive control

• New FMS multi-connector for electrical connections to the wings- much easier to deal with!

• The working cowl flaps are gone! Write them emails now!

• They dropped the student pilot in the back seat. That leaves room for you!




We fly the FMS T-28 with a 4 cell 4000mAh Lipo, which is a bit bigger than the recommended battery (3300mAh), and this beauty will zoom around for a full 7 minutes on it. I highly recommend the bigger battery because I predict you're NOT going to want to bring her down, other than to see her come in for a landing- I actually fly her for 3 batteries every chance I get- a PERFECT flyer that's full of GO juice!

Pick one up today- you WILL be thrilled at the way she performs!





Wingspan:    1400mm ( 55.1in )

Length:    1185mm ( 46.7in )

Flying Weight:     Approx. 2450g, 2800g with SUPERMAX installed

Motor Size:    4258-KV650 Powerful Out runner Brushless Motor

ESC:    70A Brushless ESC with 5A SBEC

CG (center of gravity):    80-85mm (From Leading Edge)

Prop:    13X9 3 Blade Propeller

Battery:    Li-Po 14.8V 3300mAh to 4000mAh 35C


Price: $329.99